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You can switch plans from until March 31st. Let's see if there's a better option for you.

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You can change plans midyear only under special circumstances like moving to a different zip code.

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Let's review your current coverage and see if there is a better plan available for you. Keep in mind that open enrollment for Medicare ends December 7th.

Considering a change?

Open enrollment has ended for this year but you can switch plans from January 1st to March 31st. Let's see if there's a better option for you.


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When does (or did) the Medicare recipient turn 65?

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Better late than never!

You're past your initial signup period, but you can still enroll. You may have to pay a 10% penalty on your premium for {{enroll_status.months}} months.


Note: If you qualify for early medicare eligibility (transitioning from Medicaid, etc.), we're not currently equipped to advise you on that transition. We recommend that you call 1-800-MEDICARE to learn about your options.

How do you feel about your current plan?

How do you feel about transitioning to Medicare for the coming year?

We'll check your current plan and see if there is a better plan that saves you money.
We'll search for plans that cover your specific doctors and prescriptions.
We'll determine if your plan will save you money overall, or if it's worth switching to another plan.
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Now to find your best Medicare plan

You have the power to make the process easy. Reclaim can connect to your current coverage, analyze your healthcare needs, and find your ideal plan.

Step 1 Connect your current health coverage Think Aetna, Blue Cross, Humana, etc.
Step 2 Our algorithms analyze your health needs Including your specialists and prescriptions
Step 3 We optimize the best Medicare plan for you Making sure your doctors and prescriptions are covered
Step 4 We help you manage your medical bills Get the most out of your plan and save on care

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Just a few more questions!

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What is your new zip code?

Has your zip code changed?

What is your zip code?

Medicare plan options vary depending on where you live (in order to account for care offerings in your local area).


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Searching Medicare plan options available in your area....
There are {{plans_available.length}} different Medicare plan options available in your area.

Let’s narrow it down to the plan options that are best for your needs.
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Is it likely you'll need surgery in the next year?

Select yes if you have a surgery scheduled in the future or have an ongoing condition that could lead to surgery.
Got it! We'll help you choose a plan that features exceptional surgery coverage.
Good to know. Your recommended a plan will still cover you if you need surgery, this factor will just have less influence on our recommendation.

Do you frequently travel within the United States?

If you do, we’ll make sure that you have a large enough network of physicians and healthcare facilities available in your Medicare plan when you are on the go.
OK, we’ll prioritize Medicare plans with a large network to make sure you have peace of mind when traveling.
You may be able to save on premiums with a Medicare HMO plan mostly focused on your area.
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Here’s the list of doctors we’ve noticed in your recent healthcare visits.

Select the doctors you want to make sure are covered under your Medicare plan.

Are there {{events.doctors.length?'other':''}} doctors you’d like to make sure are covered by your Medicare plan?

Examples: Your primary care doctor. A therapist you're thinking of visiting. A specialist that you’ve scheduled a procedure with in the near future.
  • {{doctor.primary_specialty}}
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Here’s the list of pharmacy drugs we’ve noticed in your recent healthcare bills.

Select the drugs you want to make sure are covered under your Medicare plan.
We weren't able to identify and drugs in your claims. You can indicate any drugs you'd like to ensure are covered on the next step.

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Search below by typing the brand or generic name.
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Alright! Give us a few seconds while we crunch the numbers.

  • Getting plans in your area that meet your needs.
  • ⚠️ Removing plans that don't cover your doctors and prescriptions
  • Matching you to people with a similar healthcare journey
  • ⚠️ Computing the best Medicare plan for you and ranking the rest of the plan options in your area
your best plan option


{{view.view_plcy.policy_type}}{{view.view_plcy.is_rx_included?' + Pharmacy':''}}
of people like you
save on this plan
Coverage from
{{view.policy_start | ui-date('Jan 1, 2000')}} — {{view.policy_end | ui-date('Jan 1, 2000')}}
({{view.policy_months}} months)

The Highlights


Medicare Star Rating

What is a star rating?

Total Premiums

Summing the premiums for the medical, pharmacy and Part B coverage.

What is part B?

Calculate Part B
${{view.view_plan.total_premium*view.policy_months/12 | ui-decimal('0')}} + {{partb.tier.premium*12*view.policy_months/12 | ui-decimal('$0,000.00')}}Part B
total for the {{view.policy_months==12?'year':view.policy_months+' months'}}

Out of Pocket Expenses

Predicted expenses to you during the year that are likely to share in cost when you visit the doctor, fill your prescriptions, or seek any other covered healthcare service.

How did you come up with this?

${{view.view_plan.total_oop.median*view.policy_months/12 | ui-decimal('0')}}
predicted for the {{view.policy_months==12?'year':view.policy_months+' months'}}

Your Doctors Are covered


Your Drugs Are covered


Additional Benefits

This plan offers you additional benefits to help you take good care of yourself!


What's Covered

Doctor Visits

For most doctor visits, you pay a flat rate copay that depends on the nature of your visit.

Primary care
Specialty care*
* includes mental, chiropractor, and physical therapy care
Diagnositc Procedures

Includes labs, imaging and radiology, and diagnostic procedures such as colonoscopy.

Outpatient Care

Includes procedures you get done in an outpatient setting such as carpal tunnel surgery or a cataract removal surgery.

Inpatient Care

For care you receive while staying at the hospital in an inpatient status. Note that you could be at the hospital, but not necessarily be considered as an inpatient stay.

Inpatient *
* You only pay for the first few days, then the plan takes over
Emergency Care

Whenever you can, try heading to the nearest urgent care center, unless it is a life threatening situation.

Medical Equipment



Prescription Drugs

Drugs are full price until your ${{view.view_plcy.rx_deductible}} deductible is met. After the deductible is met, "initial coverage" pricing below applies. (Note the deductible amount reflects your personal spending.) No deductible applies. See the chart below for drug pricing.

1 month supply Preferred
Generic Preferred
Brand Name
Brand Name Specialty

* Bold values indicate the price for lower-cost "preferred" vendors.

Once TOTAL COSTS (your spending + plan spending) reach {{partd[policy_year].gap_threshold | ui-decimal('$0,000')}}, the gap coverage rates below apply. The gap coverage tier is sometimes called the "donut hole."

Show Gap Coverage Tier
Generic Preferred
Brand Name
Brand Name Specialty
Generic drugs
Brand-name drugs

* Bold values indicate the price for lower-cost "preferred" vendors.

Once YOUR COSTS (your spending only) reach {{partd[policy_year].cat_threshold | ui-decimal('$0,000')}}, catastrophic coverage rates apply. At that point, you pay only 5% of all drugs.

How Does This Plan Actually Work?

Pick a healthcare scenario from one of the options below.


${{views.recommendation.scenario_item_cost(item) | ui-decimal('0,000')}}
${{views.recommendation.scenario_cost() | ui-decimal('0,000')}}

predicted cost out of your pocket

Add Coverage

{{ (view.view_plcy.package_1_premium||0)*12 | ui-decimal('$0,000') }}
per year
{{view.view_plcy.package_1_benefits.join(', ')}}
{{ (view.view_plcy.package_2_premium||0)*12 | ui-decimal('$0,000') }}
per year
{{view.view_plcy.package_2_benefits.join(', ')}}
{{ (view.view_plcy.package_3_premium||0)*12 | ui-decimal('$0,000') }}
per year
{{view.view_plcy.package_3_benefits.join(', ')}}

No additional package options.

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